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What is the CORRECTION System?

First of all, if you are attempting to help rectify a bridging problem with your saddle, you need our 2 pocket Correction® system, please select our information page for 2 pocket Correction® system.

There are many reasons why it may be necessary to correct the fit of the saddle to ensure it remains in balance without altering its flocking:

  • To help compensate for changes in young horses due to their rapid muscle development during training
  • For fully trained horses which change muscle definition during periods of work and rest
  • To help correct natural irregularities in the horses build
  • To help compensate for a ‘lower back’ caused by age
  • To help compensate for changes in form and condition over seasons

The 4 pocket Correction® system (2 pockets at the front, one on the near side, one on the off side; 2 pockets at the rear, one on the near side, one on the off side) together with 5mm thick Poly-flex® shims, provide the means for ensuring a perfectly balanced saddle with full flexibility. Each Correction® pocket will take up to 6 x 5mm Poly-flex® shims, giving up to 30mm of adjustment per pocket. Poly-flex® shims can be added to and removed from the pockets, as required.

When correcting the balance of the saddle, insert into each pocket the required number of shims. Should it no longer be necessary to correct the fit of the saddle, you may simply and easily remove all Poly-flex® shims and use the MATTES Pad as though it were a standard Pad.

We firmly believe the Correction® system to be, absolutely, the best engineered system available. Of course it adds cost to the product but the advantages and flexibility this offers is clear to see.

What is Saddle-Fix?

Safe and quick Fastener-System, the ideal improvement to perfect the use of all MATTES english saddle Pads. The center of the pad is loded high up in the gullet to allow complete freed0m for the spine.

Fits all saddle sizes.

What is Spine-Free?

Spinefree® design prevents any pressure in the wither area and along the spine. Combined with the Saddle-fix® it guarantees the exact positioning of the Pad into the gullet of the saddle.

This design feature is now standard for the majority of MATTES Pads.

If, for whatever reason, you wish to order your product without our Spinefree® design, we are happy to provide you with your MATTES pad with sheepskin throughout the spinal area at no extra cost.

What is MER?

MER-System is the combination of an MER Saddlepad and matching Exercise Rug Set.

Special Pricing

If you want to order MATTES Pads or girths with amount of larger than US$ 2,000.00 please contact us first for a special quote.

Customer Reviews

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Which length do I need for my horse?

Which length do I need for my horse?


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