MATTES Logo Additional to a competent and flexible advice we offer you a huge variety of MATTES products for all equitation areas, be it jumping, dressage, eventing or Western: Square and half pads, with and without trim, special pads for tree-less saddles, Western square and round pads, saddle and girth covers, girths and cinches as well as show pads and the RIO PECOS CORRECTION SYSTEM. We offer you a wide color palette, special designs and tailor-made pads are no problem. We will be glad to meet all your individual needs and requests, just get in touch with us!


There are many horses which are very sensitive in the sternum area, resulting very often, in problems when saddling as well while riding. Therefore MATTES studied all kinds of Saddle-Girth concepts since the end of 2002. They found girths which are correctly designed, but not well made, as well as some which look correctly designed but are outright wrong, as well as such that are obviously wrong. One of the basic problems is ... learn more

Platinum Range - Genuine Sheepskin

The ultimate product - unsurpassed in quality function and looks. The natural properties of genuine sheepskin cannot be imitated by knitted wool or fleece products! There is almost no chemical treatment of the wool, it is 100% natural.

The extremely dense nature of the wool combined with the upright position of the fibres, allows air to flow through for excellent circulation, providing padding and ideal pressure distribution, eliminating rubbing, pressure points and heat build-up on the horses back. Natural sheepskin also provides extremely high sweat absorption; the wool fibres are capable of absorbing eight times their own weight in moisture before they even begin to feel wet!